The Parker Youth & Sports Foundation is dedicated to the support and preservation of parks, sports facilities and athletic programs in the greater Yakima area.


The 12th annual fundraiser, Sports Legends Reunion and High Hopes Tournament, will be held June 9th and 10th.  

The 11th Sports Legends Reunion was hosted at the Howard Johnson Plaza of Yakima on E. Yakima and 9th Street, returning for a third time. The night featured Honored Guest, Pete Orgill, who was recognized post-humously. He was represented with over 20 family and friends in attendance.  Short news clips gave the audience an insight into Pete's commitment to the Davis High School health program, baseball program and educating the valley preparedness on the Breathe of Life. Son Peter and daughter Katie shared moments of life with dad and mom. 

Lane Phillips served as the High Hopes Tournament Honorary Chairman.  Lane continues to recover from a spinal injury and made the trip from Lewiston at great discomfort.  Lane's daughter Dr. Chani Phillips produced a fantastic DVD that touched on Lane's life.  Lane treated the audience with a few minutes of remarks.

Other Sports Legends Reunion highlights and presentations included:

The High Hopes Tournament featured 27 team field distributed into 3 flights:  Orgill; Phillips; and Parker. 


High Hopes

"High Hopes" is an original creation by award-winning Yakima artist Don Crook. Commissioned by the Foundation to create a scene representing our mission, Don used old photographs of the original Parker Field and his own memories in his depiction of the grandstands, press box and lights while incorporating youth and their dreams to further convey the purpose of the Foundation. An alumnus of Yakima High School and Yakima Junior College, he played football and baseball in the original Parker Field.

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