Joe Donahue Memorial Scholarship

The Parker Youth & Sports Foundation has established a special scholarship in honor of Joe Donahue, a charter director of the Foundation, and a director and an officer of the original Parker Youth Foundation. The scholarship recognizes Joe’s long service to youth sports in Yakima, and especially to Yakima Valley Community College sports programs.

Description: The scholarship is a combination tuition/work grant for a Yakima Valley Community College student planning for an academic degree and/or professional career in an area of health and physical education, athletics, or recreation leadership.

Eligibility: The scholarship is available to a high school graduate who plans to enroll at Yakima Valley Community College, and to all students currently enrolled at YVCC who plan on returning for another year. Exception: relatives or persons closely related to members of the selection committee, the Foundation directors or managers, or substantial contributors are disqualified from this, or any other, Foundation scholarship.

Amount: The amount of the scholarship for each school year (three quarters) will be a total annual grant up to $2400, divided equally each quarter. One-half is a direct tuition grant and one-half is designated for a work grant in the physical education and athletics department. The scholarship may be renewed for an additional year if the performance of the work portion is acceptable to the athletic director(s) and grades and enrollment requirements have been met.

Below is the Joe Donahue Scholarship application form. The PDF application can be filled out online and then e-mailed. The word document (DOC) can be printed, filled out, and mailed to the address provided on the form. The scholarship has been granted for the 2-18-19 school year.


Scholarship Winners

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