Carol A. Finney Endowment

Parker Youth & Sports Foundation (PYSF) respectfully introduces the Carol A. Finney Endowment which will provide a yearly grant for Eisenhower’s Girls Softball. This past fall PYSF was informed that as a beneficiary of the Carol Finney estate they were to receive $237,000 for the benefit of IKE Softball. On Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2023, the first annual Carol A. Finney Endowment Fund distribution check of $9,500 was presented by PYSF Trustees Pat Leahy and Megan Luring-Bewley to Eisenhower Principal Eric Diener, Athletic Director Paul Stephens and Fast Pitch Softball coach Gary Jimenez. Carol Finney was one of a kind and a true sport legend of the Yakima Valley whose generosity toward students was well known.


Coach Carol Finney was a pioneer locally and statewide in girls’ sports as she worked daily to bring equity to girls’ athletics. She taught at Eisenhower High School for 33 years and started most of the schools’ girls’ athletic teams. She coached Ike softball for 21 years, officiated basketball for 12 years and volleyball for 39 years. Carol managed state volleyball and softball tournaments. Her contributions were honored by the Yakima School District in May of 2018 when Ike’s softball facility was dedicated as Carol Finney Field. She was inducted into the WIAA Hall of Fame in 2013. Carol was a founding member and 18-year trustee of Parker Youth & Sports Foundation. Carol passed away March 16, 2022 and because of this gift her dream for girls sports can live forever.


On April 16, 2022, a memorial service was held for Carol Finney at Eisenhower and former Parker Youth Foundation Board member, Virginia Hays, made the amazing public announcement that 1/10 of Carol's estate will be coming to Parker Youth & Sports Foundation for an endowment fund designated to Eisenhower High School Girls softball. When PYSF was informed that they were to receive $237,000 from the Finney Estate for the benefit of IKE Softball, representatives from PYSF and Eisenhower High School met to established parameters for the distribution of the funds. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed and Parker Youth & Sports received the funds in December 2022.


The funds are held by Parker Youth & Sports Foundation in an endowment account called the Carol A Finney Endowment Fund for the benefit of IKE softball. The Carol A. Finney Fund will only be used to support Eisenhower girls Fast Pitch and Slow Pitch Softball. The spending of fuds will be used for additional or extraordinary expenses involved with the upkeep of the softball facility like field improvements not covered by Yakima School District. Funds may also be used for program development opportunities for programs such as training camps, specialized coaching, equipment rental or purchase and scholarships for players. The funds will not be used to fund items that are funded through the Yakima School district budget in the ordinary course of business for Eisenhower Girls Fast ad Slow Pitch Softball. PYSF is forever grateful to Carol and to the attorneys who helped facilitate this gift. Truly, this unbelievable gift makes all of Carol’s dreams believable.


Finney Endowment Fund in the Yakima Herald

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