Five-Year Strategic Plan 2022–2026

Download the 2022–2026 Strategic Plan

Parker Youth & Sports Foundation (PYSF) was founded in 2004 by a small community group who knew there was a great need n the Yakima Valley for additional assistance for youth sports. In 2012 Parker Youth & Sports received a gift from the estate of Daryl Parker. Daryl’s vision was to create an endowment fund that would be a dependable and sustainable resource in providing money for the organization for youth sports for years into the future. The Parker Youth & Sports Foundation members remains strongly committed to the goals of Daryl Parker, but with a broader mission. Foundation are interested in parks, youth, sports and recreation and is committed to support sports programs and facilities throughout the greater Yakima area. The world we live in demands changes form organizations in order to be appropriate with the lives lived by our youth. Every six years PYSF board members have taken time to evaluate the progress of the organization and assess the barriers we need to confront to be more successful.

In October 2021 A Strategic Planning Committee was formed. The plan followed involved taking several steps to gather information from current and former board members, PYSF partners, school officials sport legends and fans and then assembling the information together to identify a manageable number of preferred priority points that would be working objectives for the board and office staff to follow for the next five years. The planning committee was first given the organization’s mission statement for review and asked for any changes. The next task was to define the values of the organization. This was a month-long process, searching for words that reflect our beliefs about the purpose of youth athletics. The result was six values that reflected the shared beliefs of participants. Next, board participants were given a questionnaire with nine items of inquiry including for PYSF the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the organization. This questionnaire is called a Status Study. The conditions mentioned most often were listed and then grouped by the nine PYSF committees and have come the points of priority for the next five years. These can now be the basis of individual committee planning and goal setting.

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