The Parker Youth & Sports Foundation is dedicated to the support and preservation of parks, sports facilities and athletic programs in the greater Yakima area.


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The 10th annual fundraiser, Sports Legends Reunion and High Hopes Tournament, were held June 12th and 13th. The Valley Hotel and Convention Center hosted 180 people. The night featured Honored Guest, Eric Beardsley who was recognized post-humously with Mel Olson, the voice of Moses Lake Chiefs for 50 years and assistant coach for Eric, and Bob Spain remembering the essence of the man and his career. Mr. Beardsley was an outstanding athlete at Yakima Valley College and Central Washington State College in track and wrestling. Putting his talents to good use, he coached championship teams at Moses Lake High School and Central Washington State College (now Central Washington University). "Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Class of 1965”, State AA Football Champions Eisenhower was represented by Steve Dale; State AA Basketball Champions Davis High School was represented by Ted Wierman; State A Basketball Champions Marquette High School was represented by Scott McDonald. The teams were recognized Friday night. These three athletes served as the High Hopes Tournament Co-Chairmen playing in Saturday’s High Hopes event.

Check out the three state champion teams of 1965.



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Parker Youth Foundation - High Hopes

"High Hopes"

"High Hopes" is an original creation by award-winning Yakima artist Don Crook. Commissioned by the Foundation to create a scene representing our mission, Don used old photographs of the original Parker Field and his own memories in his depiction of the grandstands, press box and lights while incorporating youth and their dreams to further convey the purpose of the Foundation. An alumnus of Yakima High School and Yakima Junior 

College, he played football and baseball in the original Parker Field.



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