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The Foundation's 9th Annual Sports Legends Reunion and High Hopes Scramble will be held June 13th and 14th. The Sports Legends Reunion will be held at the Howard Johnson Plaza and features: auctions; Joe Donahue Memorial Scholarship & YVCC Baseball Coaches Award new recipients; Introduction of the Swede Lindquist Award; and celebration of High Hopes Honorary Chairman Ollie Nelson and Honored Guest Bill Douglas. For more info and a High Hopes and entry form, click here.


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The Parker Youth & Sports Foundation is dedicated to the support and preservation of parks, sports facilities and athletic programs in the greater Yakima area.


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Parker Youth Foundation - High Hopes

"High Hopes"

"High Hopes" is an original creation by award-winning Yakima artist Don Crook. Commissioned by the Foundation to create a scene representing our mission, Don used old photographs of the original Parker Field and his own memories in his depiction of the grandstands, press box and lights while incorporating youth and their dreams to further convey the purpose of the Foundation. An alumnus of Yakima High School and Yakima Junior College, he played football and baseball in the original Parker Field.